Child Custody
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Protecting Your Children's Best Interests

Elizabeth, New Jersey, Child Custody Lawyer

Naturally you want what's best for your children in a divorce. A judge may not agree with your idea of your child's best interests. At Elizabeth P. Kunkel, Attorney at Law, we will listen to you and help you negotiate an out-of-court solution that addresses your most important concerns.

In negotiation or mediation—or as a last resort, litigation—our experienced child custody attorney will protect your legal interests while guiding you toward a resolution that has the least negative impact on your children. Our Elizabeth family law firm represents mothers and fathers in custody matters throughout Union County, Hudson County, Essex County, Passaic County and surrounding counties of New Jersey. Call (908) 400-7182    for a free initial consultation.

We handle all child custody issues:

  • Initial determination of child custody
  • Negotiation of parenting plan specifics
  • Custody modifications
  • Petitions to relocate with children (seeking or challenging)
  • Enforcement of visitation rights
  • Paternity actions

Child Custody in New Jersey

In a divorce or break-up of unmarried parents, the court's presumption is some form of joint physical custody (the child will live most of the time with one parent, and other parent will have visitation). The court also presumes joint legal custody (each parent has input on decisions about the child's health, education, safety, and welfare). Sole custody may be granted in certain cases, for example, where one parent is deemed unfit because of abuse or a dangerous environment (domestic violence, drug use).

In shared custody, neither parent is primary—parenting time is split 50/50 or close to it. Switching households every three or four days can be hard on some kids. The court will approve only what is in the child's best interests, which may not always align with your desires.

Are you concerned you won't get a fair shake in custody? Elizabeth P. Kunkel can advise you on the likely outcome regarding custody, and protect your legal rights throughout the process. Wherever possible, she strives to avoid legal battles and help parents come to mutual agreement about the child custody arrangements.

The courts of New Jersey request mediation as a first step in all custody matters. If no agreement is reached, a custody expert may be appointed by the court. If these steps do not lead to a custody agreement, we will have to go to court and let a judge decide.

For Your Kids' Sake, Let's Work It Out

At every stage after mediation, the cost increases and your control over the outcome decreases. To discuss your child custody situation with a compassionate lawyer who can pursue your goals, contact our office at (908) 400-7182.