Spousal Support (Alimony)
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Determination and Modifications of Spousal Support

Whether alimony is granted in your New Jersey divorce depends on many factors. Individual judges have considerable latitude. As your family law attorney, Elizabeth P. Kunkel can give you an educated opinion regarding your case, and capably represent your interests in or out of court.

Ms. Kunkel can represent your interests in:

  • Negotiation o r mediationto determine alimony
  • Spousal support litigation
  • Spousal support modification (remarriage, change in financial situation)

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Factors in Awarding of Alimony

The court considers factors in deciding whether spousal support is merited in your divorce. If one spouse was the breadwinner, for example, and the other put a career on hold to raise children, alimony is more likely. Income disparity, education levels, job skills, accustomed standard of living, age, and health are also factors.

How Much?

The amount of alimony is determined by the incomes of the parties and the ability to pay as well as other factors. The Elizabeth P. Kunkel, Attorney at Law, can help ensure that the other spouse is forthcoming about all income and assets, through subpoenas if necessary.

How Long?

Alimony can be granted for a fixed duration such as limited duration alimony, rehabilitative alimony or permanent alimony. The length of the marriage and income of the payor are some of the factors.

Settlement vs. Litigation

Alimony, like property division, can be negotiated out of court, or can be decided by a judge. Because judges are unpredictable on the issue, it may be wise to work out a settlement if you believe you will be ordered to pay a lot of alimony (or if you are worried the court won't grant any).

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